Between #MeToo #MyDesireMyPussy #SnowflakeBitch #GrabAnswer101

… and the Deep State Criminal Sex Rings “Gloat Dance”




To introduce the above topic almost seems redundant given the amount of loose canons in the title alone, it hardly seems worth it to even attempt. However, as a Polemicist and a Political advocate of Trump it’s important to deal with the sexual politics which are involved.




Redressing the Power Imbalance Via #GrabThemBy …

When Donald Trump calmly said you can “grab them by the pussy”, obviously the #MeToo movement and the DNC and every other comedy central in America and leftist organisation had a proverbial field day.




Alex Baldwin played it up with less shock and fervour than the female “indignant leads” … largely because of the ferocity of the role he has played since he began doing it.




Whether or not it was accidental is really irrelevant. The DNC, or its advocates held the “Billy Bush Bus Tapes Verizon Tapes” for over a decade, releasing them for an intended October Surprise. With RNC Candidates, in “a far too pre planned Scripted and lock step effort” disavowing Trump.




Even Ivanka bullying Donald Trump to issue full apology as opposed to a statement of “regret to offence caused” (or similar).




Although They Knew … conflations were inevitable with #MeToo: Didn’t happen.




Although #MeToo conflates all heterosexual consensual behaviour, it’s really a subsection where the power imbalance removes the ability of choice and withdrawal.




Seal makes very insightful remarks about the missing link in the #MeToo conversation: that being trade. That the women, despite the grotesqueness of the individuals involved (unappealing), agreed and understood a trade was involved and known well in advance.




Harvey Weinstein veined himself as a gatekeeper of sorts, who awarded himself special privileges amongst his leading ladies, and many others who were never in the running, to simply assert a pre payment of sexual rights and opportunity.




Stormy “No” to #MeToo … but “Yes” to “kick him in the privates”.




Although the #MeToo movement could have carried very significantly across to Trump, especially if now-“horseface” Stormy Daniels had cried non consensual rape or similar, she – to her diminishing credit – never did.




Was it an outstanding calculation on Stormy Daniel’s part, or her lawyer ? It was logical because of the incongruity of pornography with a wilting #MeToo advocacy. They are simply too distant, and the intersection too hard to accept for the layman: You’re either aggressive and decisive, or you are a #MeToo victim. Fairly or not, that’s probably the reality of perception in the marketplace.




Stormy validates sexual aggression as a language which #MeToo cannot usurp. But also confirms the “killer mentality” towards men like Trump.




But she did go for the private parts and describing them, which if repayed would have Trump describing labia/ breast implants sardonically. Clearly the power imbalances and differences prove far too severe for that to be remotely required.




[They’ll let you] “Grab Em by The Pussy” [paraphrase]




The circumstance of Billy Bush, and the presenter who Trump said beat him like a “bitch”, introduces the sexually aggressive and more importantly sexually defensible and protective, yet attractive, female.




Whilst Saturday Night Live had a comical field day, like every one else on Hillary Clinton’s ticket, there was zero applause for the woman Trump says hands push back to him “like a bitch”.




Or the woman who slaps Trump for stepping over the line.




Enter #MeToo #SnowflakeBitch Interference




Whilst the Political Campaign was far too hot in 2016 to pause and pay homage to the woman who don’t want to be coddled by #MeToo or #Snowflake, by refusing to pause at the women who slapped-back, “bitch slapped” or slammed back it disrespects the force of female rejection of a significant group of women who don’t need to beg, grovel, steal or retaliate years after an unpleasant encounter … rightly or wrongly.




Women are now very likely to describe “feeling awkward” in rape-language terminology. And used against men in Corporate Boardroom scenarios.




Whilst kicking them “in the balls” is perhaps the most violent, this again misconstrues what is often a “physical conversation” which may/ may not lead to consensual sexual activity.




Enter Sean Connery’s Bond – and Roger Moore – where an uninvited contact is met with shock … and then consensual activity.




With #MeToo lurking … can “Physical Connery-esque Conversation” be safe anymore ? 




In a recent reply on Twitter the “My Desire His Hand My Pussy” regarding “TrumpWomen For TrumpMen”, the question is polemically posed with the tail-end #SnowflakeBitch reference.




In the movie “Blockers”, recently released about restraining sexual behaviour by parents vs children, the same question is put to friends, observers and interference.




Obviously, given the largess of the Presidential Campaign, the lashing-out of #MeToo through the “Blockers” mentality is the question being posed.




Where is #GrabAnswer going… “sign this please”/ “take my hand”/ “I cannot touch”/ “You must initiate”/ “weird is the new norm”? 




The answer is probably yes with a caveat of multiple protections against ill will. Obviously date-rape and campus rape is putting #MeToo and #MorningRegret in the same group.




But even then, this is not talking about the same group. Trump was dealing with women who could defend themselves, and were not intoxicated (from what we know).




The concept of “TrumpWomen” is in line with this idea; anti Snowflake; defensible; not naive; attracted to “TrumpMen” … and know the difference. The “Let’s Go” video clip from Wang Chung describing simply leaving together, not being a #SnowflakeBitch ready to hold the males to reproach.




Public Physical Behaviour




Perhaps the concept of communicating attraction without being physical is a question, and in the language of “Grab em by the pussy” with #MeToo hanging around, it hardly seems like an easy answer exists unless TrumpWomen are forthright … which is the question posed in the poster.




And a question which moves the goal posts away from teasing the opposite sex with endless games, but rather answers whether viability exists up front. Something many in the #MeToo simply refuse to give up, but #TrumpWomen may have not problem … we’ll see.




True Victims Vs Faux Victims




Obviously this article is asserting the rights of the assertive, not the terrors of victims. However in the world of physical language, and now polemics on the world stage, the curtain has been pulled back more than it has ever before.




The power imbalance between the genders amongst adults is one thing, yet amongst teens the cruelty and teasing and manipulation can generate a lifetime of hostility which may be counterposed successfully by simple proposition: yes or no.




How that would look is the question, but there is no denial the “grab em… ” one liner echoed around the world crystallises fear or physical facts which need to be given quarter.




Between The #Snowflake and the #Bitch




Obviously not all are one and the same, yet in the era of #MeToo and bullying against masculinity and campus-rape allegations which are set to expel males from Universities … it presents the need for either written or video consensual evidence.




Which advocates for marriage and pre announced public permission.




Obviously this conversation circles a drain, but that’s it … for the moment.




The Deep State “GrabEm Gloat Dance”




Obviously it was such a victory to catch Trump saying something bluntly, out of context or not, but when the DNC – now caught up in PizzaGate and PedoGate – the clear line is between murder and abduction of infants/ children




… and legally consenting adults.




They are not the same conversations, but given the conflict of interest is so massive … when the Deep State is looking for a reprieve or a delay on judgement for criminal activity it is very easy to conflate and project the crimes of others and transmogrify them onto others.




Obviously the differences are too much, the mud volumous. 




HB Christo