Healing Soul Wounds Removing the Power Of Reproach

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If there one thing charismatic believers are fairly transparent about it is the topic of “wrote prayers”, “learned words” or what is quite openly OR TRANSPARENTLY understood to be “ritualistic prayers or sentences” which can quite easily become what is described as “dead speech patterns” or the common vernacular “dead works”.

Or perhaps another way of saying it is: prayers not anointed with the “oil of the Holy Spirit”; meaning that whilst words in one season, often a new beginning or revelation, those words can be highly anointed and effective … but then they can “cross over into dryness”. And whilst the cycles of such prayers, repeated over and again, are not necessarily without impact or effect – they must always be considered warely.

Whilst sometimes, at the beginning of a season of revelation of new truths (which are often old truths rediscovered), speaking those lines in prayer ARE often “naturally anointed” with the Joy of the Lord and thus anointed of the “oil of the Holy Spirit”.

Whilst the truth and reality of unforgiveness indeed involves a “Spiritual legal claim” which results in “demonic tormentors”, what has been witnessed and learned THROUGH THOSE WROTE PRAYERS OF FORGIVING PEOPLE … is that the source of “triggers of actions/ reactions of unforgiveness”

 … has nothing to do with unforgiveness at all, but rather dealing with the source of bitterness and the damage of souls, caused and pre caused by Ancestral sins passing down, sometimes jumping but often finding scapegoats to target

The causations of acting out/ triggers is not unforgiveness … at its essence … and it never was; but the deficiency is, in essence, a theological one which stymies otherwise legitimate action.

Whilst this is partially acknowledged through disorders such as PTSD: post traumatic stress disorder … it still doesn’t actually go to the nature or order of magnitude of the problem. Only the symptoms.

The problem is spelled out in Jeremiah, but long story short, it is major wounds being treated as though they were minor – or not at all. But perhaps that’s actually far, far too “gentle a prosecution” of leaders and, often psychologist-inputs, which focus on symptoms of otherwise clear and outstanding causes. Focussing On the Hurt, The Pain, The Reactions … Not the wound, offense

Whilst depicting the responses of Pastors and Leaders as being unsympathetic to the traumas and injuries and wounds of the Body of Christ, the paradigm of describing “the hurts”/ speaking to a person about “their hurt, his pain, her hurts” entirely skirts reality.

The Evangelical Fixation Upon The Cross, whilst clearly bearing much focus – due to the blood and flesh of Christ, the fulfilments upon the Mercy Seat (The Ark of the Covenant) –  sets up the worst of False Dichotomies Against The Resurrection Power(s).

If there is one absolute certainty about that it is in the prayers which simply have never been written, nor prayed which would have otherwise re inforced volumous magnitudes of sweeping freedoms and victories in the Body of Christ.

The Kingdom of God is within, or more precisely the Kingdom of Heaven – which leads to a correlation between the reality of the new creation in Christ and the culture and power of Heaven. Beginning from the Spirit indwelling to the Powers of Heaven.

Church Cultures and the Religio Paradigm and Bullying and Merchandising of Shame

The clearest evidence of the suppression of the Power of the Resurrection is in the theological realm. John’s Stott much famed “The Cross Of Christ” – even in its title – almost proves the point: The achievements of the cross are equal to all the other achievements of all the other points of the life of Christ:

  • The Incarnation; (2) Entering Mary’s Womb – being born with human Ancestry; (3) conquering the Demonic Testing in the Desert (4) Living Life without sin (5) Being tempted in every way, sexually, yet remaining without sin (6) Conquering all the unclean spirits, conducting deliverance of demons in children and adults (7) performing signs, wonders and miracles; (8) Journeying To Hades/ Preaching to spirits in prison (9) Abraham’s bosom (10) Resurrection of Christ (11) Ascending (12) Applying the Blood to the Mercy Seat in Heaven

Yet, by focussing on the cross without exercising upon the rights the Power of the Resurrection, it’s like the Scrooge narrative when the man who has millions in the bank refuses to withdraw the money and spend it … on anything; but worse is restricting all.

The Religio Leaders abrogating their responsibilities to apply and exercise the rights of the Resurrection Powers – such as miracles, healings, restorations – and instead subsume all prayer requests and hopes and desires into the Power of the Cross when:

The clarity of the power of the resurrection is being refused, suppressed and denied by its silence: Sabbath by Sabbath; and/or Sunday by Sunday.

The consequence is clearest-felt by the congregations of Demonically harassed members of the Body of Christ, crying out of intervention and alleviation and leaders of the Body of Christ refusing to turn the taps of the the Power of the Resurrection on for the Body of Christ to drink, and be healed in their SOULS where the bitter waters continue to fester, and cause problems.

As the symptoms of the injuries and wounds and traumas of the Body of Christ remain untendered, the answer of the leaders and the elders of these types of Churches is reproaching and shaming those who have suffered trauma with accusations and belittlements of unforgiveness.; often when trauma is ancestral curses/ sins passed down, wounds in/from youth.

Adding to that are Familial issues which congregate in Church-esque groups, and take advantage of the condemnation and shame – by simply opening one of the doors of Christ … and refusing the full reality of Christ’s victories, name calling those who do.

Whilst unforgiveness is a symptom, the heart of the “bullying stance of the Religio Elite” is to:

Mete out the bare minimum to be able to be called Church; denying the practical and life saving power of the resurrection,

Healing the soul of those who suffer from trauma, injuries and wounds requires healing of the soul wounds caused by sins:

  • The authority of the whole of Christ’s life and thus releasing, in worship and praise and agreement of houses of worship, the power of the Resurrection, the power of the Flesh/ Blood, the power of all the aspects of Christ’s life (desert, miracles, deliverance of demons)

And key (2) The authority of Christ’s work in the underworld:

  • Remaining in the underworld/ hades for three days
  • Defeating Satan and his fallen angels
  • Removing the glory from Satan
  • Taking all his authority/ keys of death
  • Making a spectacle of the devil and fallen angels/ demonic host
    1. Making them as rubble

And likewise, establishing Christ as:

  • A being of light
    1. That established the Power of the Christ’s Light
      1. Breaking through darkness

Repentance of familial sins does not require ancestry.com , rather a willingness to accept darkness may be a reality which is holding a person’s soul in a legal and spiritual prison of shame and accusation ; which  the devil takes advantage of those familial access points.

In other words, when someone is a walking target with a sign on their back saying: “reproach, reject, shame, accuse me, you can get away with it.” “The Religio” communities employ “The Cross No Resurrection practices” for these control-reasons: Subjection.

The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven are considered synonymous, but they are requiring of the bridges of prayers nad agreements and unities to establish them, and can only be activated through the whole of Christ … and not simply through checking off the cross.

Removing the “restrictions of religio” means developing and working through the prayers which activate miracles, signs and wonders which release the “prisoners” and the oppressed.

In part, and possibly in whole, groups and structures of denominations and principalities need to be audited according to their refusals, or non compliance, with the applications of, beginning with, the Powers of the Resurrection of Christ.

Whilst the counter or pre emptory responses are those of charges of the ilk of the “Kingdom Now” charges, the simple reality of the ommissions of applications regarding the elements of Christ’s journey from Heaven, to Hell, to Glory and all of the aspects of each component.

By refusal or a failure of examination, of that which is otherwise self evidenced within Scripture, the Resurrection Power simply remains as a simple doctrine as opposed to one of the many keys which unlock the doors to healings, miracles and deliverance.

Of particular emphasis here is the relationship between the “Religio” – meaning groups which stand dogmatically, and yet inconsistenctly with Scriptural platforms – as though the Resurrection can somehow be placed as a doormat beneath the Cross.

The simple fact is the Whole Life Of Christ, including the “Was, Now, Will Be” – or the “I AM” prescient aspects – are no less than the Cross, because had they not occurred … he wouldn’t BE the Christ Jesus who could accomplish anything EITHER at the Cross or at the Resurrection and Defeat of the devil in both the underworld and the tomb where the Stone was rolled away.

In other words, By His Stripes (Wounds) We Are Healed (Wounds); By His Death We are propiciated (Legally); By His Resurrection We Are Re Created, Regenerated, Re Created.

By handing over such territories to Religio, the Body of Christ is held ensnared and enslaved to a much lower standard of existence which inevitably lowers the bar to an intolerable position of sub existence and hopelessness.

By receiving Power of the Resurrection THROUGH the cleansing of the CROSS, “ancestral curses/womb/family curses” can be broken and Souls can be fully healed of the trauma that is caused by BOTH sins of the individual/ family AND trauma, injuries.

“By his Resurrection…” is the start in prayer, combined with unity, worship and prayer can tap the resources of Heaven which have been largely restricted, whether fearfully or not, the unfurling will aid the passage of miracles, signs and wonders of the Age we are in.