If you’ve every thought all roads lead to unforgiveness and ad hominem attacks from Pastors against those who refuse to be silent, it’s not by accident. You know the lines… they’ve been pulling these lines on Christian brothers for 70 years

“Do you/ you have unforgiveness in your heart” the Classic … how we’ve put up with this pseudo intellectual hum-drum is the question. Their trick have seemingly worked.

‘bitter/ unforgiving/ abusive/ ungodly … “rocking the boat not rowing the boat” (thanks be to Purpose Driven Satanic Silence).

That “Silence method taught?” “CIA MI5 ASIO GovPsychology taught”

Taught by the CIA AND every intelligence agency in the western world. And adhered to by every “Main Stream Seminary” especially the Evangelical and Pentecostal. End goal: silence about the main stream occult and the actions to deal with it.

These “Pastors”- are paid by Government; not the Sheep … and their loyalty is to state silence. Which is why they over compensate on seemingly “Essentials” when the end all goal objective is Infantacide-Breeding Silence … and all that accompanies it. Abortion-Sacrifice breeding and every sex offense imaginable … but really it’s very predictable and boring given how far behind the “remnant brothers” church-real is.

And rather than conducting conflict and conducting Speech, it censors Speech at the wholesale level.

‘Unforgiveness in the heart?”… “Government Pastors want their upgrades motherfucker … you’re not standing in the way… who the fuck are you?”

…and whether one has or hasn’t got unforgiveness is irrelevant, they could not care less about men, boldness and especially speaking truth – whether in love, hate or anything at all. It’s got nothing to do with it.

Whether you are those things hardly seems to matter, do-say-act like you will Speak Out you wil find yourself targeted for “Psychological Ad Hominems” and ejected from any inner circle of a “Church”.

They were taught these methods by and trained in Deep State Theology which debased the Gospel and censored both the written word of God and the Spirit of God. No matter how the message was packaged, it wasn’t whether the CIA IRS-based silencing occurred … just how.

“Just say Yes to Jesus … and Nothing about Infant Blood … especially not the Church’s Silence in Prayer”. Now for 70 years, a message and a church which los all of its power … calling it a hutch really overstates it; it’s a hobby.

Whether it be Prayer in Schools – which would have protected many fatherless and orphans from sex rings – abortion, LGBT causes … the CIA led Silencing paraded itself care of the “Incorporated Insulated Pastors” protecting their hidden brother – MKUltra Trauma Memory.

These Government Bribery Systems are wordwide – as the immediate consequence of Satanic sex rings and Pedophilic Murder expose.